What Is a Concrete Repair Compound?

A concrete repair compound is a concrete mixture that binds to existing concrete surfaces, fills in cracks and creates strong bonds to help smooth the surface. It’s a little more sophisticated than your basic grey concrete mix and it’s used to treat a whole range of common problems, such as repairing concrete stairs or driveways, sealing expansion joints in walls and foundations, and creating an extremely durable paving material for high-traffic areas that need extra durability.

The best concrete patching compound will be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, especially when applied in thick layers. Some products are designed to be mixed with a trowel to allow users to really pack it in and sculpt the repair, while others will require a power tamper or hammer to remove excess material before applying. Most of these products will be unaffected by oil, chemicals, salt water and other elements that can erode concrete, so they are great to use in heavy traffic or industrial environments.

Understanding Concrete Repair Compounds: Types and Applications

Abocrete is a versatile, cement-like, epoxy-resurfacing mix that can be applied in any thickness. It can be used to repair pitted, spalled, worn or cracked concrete and most rigid surfaces and is unaffected by oil, grease, chemicals and salt. It’s also perfect for resurfacing, repairing and rebuilding concrete, masonry and rebar. It can be applied to new or old surfaces and will resist a wide range of temperatures. It is a very cost-effective option when compared to replacement and it’s easy to clean up once it has set.