What Are Wheel Clamps Used For?

Wheel Clamps – LTC are important components for trucks and cars, to help prevent damage due to skidding and sliding. If properly installed, they can eliminate the need for bodywork repair due to dents, dings, and scrape marks from sliding. A wheel clamp, also called wheel jack, wheel clamping tool, or parking clamp, is a device which is specifically designed to keep wheels from being skidded. In its simplest form, it features a clamp which surrounds a wheel, designed to keep the wheel from being lifted and removed on its own, by the owner.

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Today, wheel clamping tools can be found in a wide variety of styles and configurations, to suit many different types of motorhomes. The wide variety of wheel clamps available makes them an essential accessory to any campervan or motorhome. Most campers today choose to drive their motor home with an open cab campervan, as this allows them to travel with their campervan accessories – such as camping stoves, refrigerators, stereos, etc. – in place, and to remove the accessories at their leisure, in the comfort of their campervan.

The wide range of size, colour, materials, and designs available means that there are now many different sizes, colours, and designs of wheel clamps available to suit almost every type of vehicle that may be parked, stored, or driven. Most often, a wheel clamp is used to secure a non-trailing arm to a rear bumper, but it can be used on a trailing side to hold a front bumper in place. Clamp kits are designed for use on different sizes and types of vehicles, for example: small, mid-size, large, medium, or even oversized, depending on your specific needs of your vehicle.