The Fundamentals of Insurance Level 1

fundamentals of insurance level 1

Fundamentals of insurance level 1 is one of the main forms of risk transfer. This workshop will take participants through the basics of insurance, from terms and concepts to what’s included in a policy and which types are available. Using real-world examples and group discussions, participants will learn how to assess appropriate coverage for their organization and how to apply and protect assets.

This foundation course satisfies the education requirement in Nova Scotia for a Level 1 general insurance license. It is also an essential pre-licensing course for those planning to become an insurance broker.

Navigating Insurance Education: How to Access Fundamentals of Insurance Textbooks in British Columbia

Developed by an expert in the field, this 13 chapter L1 interactive online streaming audio course combines visuals with instruction. The ability to pause, rewind and repeat provides unlimited opportunities for review and retention. Study aids include end of chapter quizzes and online practice final exams.

The course uses the story of the Butlers as a vehicle to explore the various insurance needs of consumers, including property and casualty, automobile, homeowner, legal liability and travel insurance. It will familiarize students with the terminology, requirements for insurance licensing, ethics and professionalism, and comparisons of coverages and exclusions for various automobile, homeowners, commercial and accident and sickness policies.

The fundamentals of insurance are crucial to a career in the industry, from those preparing to write their Level 1 provincial licencing exam to those already working within the field and needing to improve their understanding of insurance operations and products. These courses also provide a foundation for many of the other insurance courses that are required for those pursuing the Associate, Life Management Institute (ALMI) or Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) designations.