The Benefits of Temporary Stage Platforms

temporary stage platforms

Unlike permanent staging that is built into a space and can only be used in one way, temporary stage platforms allow for great flexibility to be configured to specific event needs. This can include multiple flat stages, multilevel stages, or even tiered seating platforms that can be easily adjusted to the requirements of any performance. These systems also have the added benefit of increased safety for performers and spectators compared to traditional staging methods.

Breaking Down the Benefits: Why Use Temporary Stage Platforms

These systems are very easy to assemble and simple to use. They are lightweight, portable and can be taken anywhere. They are also much simpler to disassemble and put away than a traditional staging system. This can be a significant advantage for facilities with limited storage spaces. Go here

The platforms are constructed from an all-aluminium extruded frame that is machined to exact specifications on computerized CNC machines. This ensures that all parts are exactly the same and there is no loss of strength. Each platform has 6 coffin locks built into the frame for quick connection and to help keep all legs in place, as well as a tough feet that can be used on a variety of floor surfaces safely. The plywood tops have a hardwearing anti-slip Hexa texture finish that is fine with occasional rainfall and is very easy to clean.

Any fly gallery and gridiron over a stage should be separated from the stage with at least 1-hour fire barriers and should have an approved means of egress such as a steel ladder or alternating tread device. The same applies to any catwalks or galleries accessory to the stage.