The Benefits of Concrete Leveling Services

Aside from detracting from your property’s aesthetic, uneven concrete surfaces pose a tripping hazard and can cause serious injury to pedestrians. If you notice visible unevenness or sinking, it’s wise to consult with concrete leveling experts as soon as possible for a comprehensive assessment and recommendation of the best repair strategy. Learn more:

Uneven concrete can be a result of several issues, including poor drainage, which creates voids under the slab. These voids lead to sinking and unevenness over time, often exacerbated by expansion of expansive soil. Regardless of the cause, leveling services elevate and align sunken and uneven concrete to their original position, enhancing safety, functionality, and visual appeal.

Solving Concrete Problems: Gonz Insulation’s Approach to Leveling

Unlike full replacement, which takes weeks to complete and often damages landscaping or your home’s foundation, concrete leveling is fast, cost-effective, and less disruptive to your daily life. The PolyRenewal(tm) concrete leveling technique typically only takes a few hours for most jobs, and you can use your driveway or patio like normal immediately after the process. Unlike concrete replacement, existing cracks don’t go away, but they’ll usually weather and blend into the lifted concrete over time.

Mudjacking is another common method for lifting and leveling concrete, but it comes with a few downsides. It’s messy, and it requires large holes to pump the mud slurry under the slab, which can damage the integrity of your concrete and invite weeds and other pests. Plus, mudjacking is only temporary. In comparison, the foam injection used in concrete leveling is waterproof and will last for years to come.