The Benefits of a Canopy Walkway

A canopy walkway, also known as a treetop walk or forest trail, is a pedestrian path at several meters altitude above the ground allowing access to the canopy of a forest. They may be in their simplest form bridge-like connections between platforms built around trees or they can be independent bridge structures in combination with observation decks or towers that are even higher than the remainder of the canopy walk. Scientists estimate that about 50% of the world’s plant and animal species live in forest canopies and less than 10% of them have been discovered. Canopy walkways give people a chance to explore the treetops of tropical rainforest and are an important tool in biodiversity conservation.Check this out

Elevating Outdoor Exploration: The Beauty of Canopy Walkways

One of the most popular activities in Nyungwe national park is a tour to the canopy walkway. This is the second most popular activity after chimpanzee trekking and people travel from all over the world to experience this. It’s a unique chance to see the Rwandan forests in a different way and many tourists come here for honeymoon, adventure, research, marriage proposals and other reasons.

The curved roof design of a modular sheltered walkway helps to transport rain away from the walkway, which prevents goods and visitors that are moving between buildings from getting wet, reducing damage and waste. Shelter Store’s range of bespoke canopy walkways are ideal for keeping customers and staff safe and dry, helping businesses to increase customer satisfaction and repeat custom.