Renting a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

A portable Oxygen concentrator for rent near me can help improve the quality of life for older adults. It helps them stay mobile and active throughout the day by giving them a boost in their oxygen supply.

Is an oxygen concentrator 100% oxygen?

A POC is prescribed by a doctor for patients who are experiencing low blood oxygen levels due to conditions like COPD, asthma or other lung diseases. It may also be used following surgery or an illness.

Rental options for a portable oxygen concentrator

Renting an oxygen machine is an excellent choice if you need one on a temporary basis or want to try out different devices before buying one. Many insurance providers offer POC coverage, which can reduce or eliminate the cost of renting an oxygen machine for a period of time.

Choosing the right portable oxygen concentrator is a big decision for everyone, so you should always discuss your specific needs and lifestyle with your doctor before making a purchase. Having an oxygen machine that meets your unique requirements will make it easier to live a full and happy life.