Permanent Marker Strain

Permanent Marker Strain is a hybrid indica dominant strain (34-35% THC average) that is bred from the three-way cross of Biscotti S1, Sherb BX, and a 3rd generation cut of Jealousy. This potent bud has minty, peppery, gassy flavors with hints of cookie and citrus. It’s a perfect daytime strain that soothes and relaxes while allowing for a creative boost. Its high concentration of terpenes includes caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, which create a unique aroma that is slightly peppery with a hint of floral gas and sweet candy.

Permanent marker is a powerful cannabis strain that captivates and embraces enthusiasts with its captivating flavor and quality smoke. The experience is a journey of discovery through a fusion of diesel flavors and liberating effects.

The Effects of Permanent Marker Strain: A Detailed Review

The high THC levels in Permanent Markers help to ease pain and cramps, reducing nausea and inflammation. It also helps to stimulate the appetite and alleviate depression and mood swings. The high THC content in this cannabis strain also produces a strong burst of cerebral euphoria, followed by a trippy psychedelic daze.

This marijuana strain is easy to grow indoors, but it prefers a warmer climate and is more prone to powdery mildew and mold. This cannabis strain requires proper ventilation and humidity control to prevent pests from attacking the plant. It’s a good idea to use LST and lollipopping techniques when growing this marijuana strain to ensure that light penetrates the dense foliage. This will help with the flowering process.