Moleskin Trousers

moleskin trousers

moleskin trousers is an excellent choice if you work in the outdoors and enjoy a rugged look. Made from a thick, durable cotton, moleskin is brushed for warmth and durability. The material also provides reasonable protection from the elements such as brambles. Moleskin trousers come in a classic trouser cut, and look and feel smart.

A pair of moleskin trousers can be tailored to fit just about any body shape. However, if you are doing it yourself, you may want to invest in professional tailoring. This kind of fabric requires specific techniques for sewing. Use a microtext needle and synthetic or polyester-coated cotton thread. Use long stitches and use fusible seam tape for topstitching and hems. The material can be lightly ironed to reduce shiny spots.

As moleskin fabric is waterproof, it makes for an excellent outdoor garment. In the 19th century, this fabric was very popular among labourers and estate owners. It was also used by the West German army during the Cold War. Today, moleskin trousers are a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts. They’re not the cheapest pants in the world, but you can rest assured that you’ll get a quality pair for an affordable price.

Men’s moleskin trousers are also a popular choice for casual attire. Their soft, subtle texture and sophisticated finish make them ideal for informal occasions. They’re perfect for pairing with a jacket or knit sweater for a chic look. For chilly days, a heavier fabric will be smart, while a lighter material will be suitable for summertime wear.