Loft Conversion – How to Convert a Loft Into a Bathroom

loft conversion

If you have an existing house and you would like to add some extra space, a loft conversion may be a good option. These conversions can be done in a number of different styles. You can also include a bathroom in your conversion.

A loft conversion can increase your living space by about 30%. It is a great way to add value to your home. Before starting any work, however, check with the local planning authority for permission. Some houses require planning permission, particularly if they are listed buildings or in conservation areas.

When converting a loft, it is important to ensure it meets building regulations. This ensures the structural soundness of the room, roof and new floor. An architect or chartered surveyor can advise you on the plans.

Luxury Lofts, Beautiful Bathrooms

Loft conversions can take around six to ten weeks to complete. The process is made up of several stages. First fix electricals, plumbing and rooflights must be installed.

Your loft will need a solid insulation base. This helps to keep heat in during winter months. Using high-efficiency windows reduces the amount of heat lost. Also, if you plan on adding a bath or shower room, you will need to install an extraction system.

If you want to convert a loft into a bathroom, you will need to ensure it is connected to the existing water supply and drainage. It will also need to be fitted with an extractor fan.

Your neighbours will need to be consulted. They can either agree to the conversion or they can refuse.