With 448 offices spread across the Mediterranean coast, Albacete and Madrid and 120 million euros as Net Profit, personal loans leads the conglomerate of Personal Loan Group from 2010 and that currently boasts to be the fifth savings bank in Spain for own funds and the seventh for assets.

Among its flagship products, personal loans offers its clients a series of personal loans of fixed interest and variable interest with advantageous conditions for its clients. In the first group we find two. The ANTICIPO LOAN, where the client can have an advance of his payroll just by having it domiciled and that grants him favorable conditions, for a term of 9 months and with an amount of three payrolls and a maximum of 9,000 € as a requirement.

And the FIXED TYPE LOAN in which, depending on the amount requested, the interest rate will be reduced. The duration of the same is up to 5 years and the user has no budget limit on it.

In variable-rate personal loans, the VARIABLE TYPE LOAN stands out, as the fixed loan has no limit but with a term of up to 7 years. Other three stand out, CAR LOAN, PAYROLL LOAN and EXTRA LOAN .

The first is oriented to the financing of the vehicle, with preferential conditions and appropriate for the purpose. A loan of up to 7 years and with a maximum amount by personal loans of up to 30,000 euros.

If what you want is to have a plus in your economy, the Extra loan . It is a long-term loan, which lasts up to ten years so that the client can carry out projects of greater scope.

And finally the payroll loan . A loan of up to 60,000 euros just for having the payroll registered and with a term of 7 years. All of them, subject to the valuation of the solvency of the client by the Entity and destined to put at the disposal of the client an economic contribution to be able to face their needs.

Personalized mortgages
The purchase of homes is now one of the major pending issues of the market, due to the large stock of homes available throughout the Spanish territory. personal loans has designed a series of mortgages for individuals with specific conditions to match the needs of each client.

We find the mortgage subsidized housing with competitive prices at the time of making the payment to the entity and even more if you have a few years less. For young people of up to 35 years who decide to start a life alone or as a couple, the mortgage subsidized young housing.

Other similar are the special mortgage for real estate BMN, ie flats and houses of the entity itself. It is presented with interesting conditions, in terms of interest rate, as well as terms and shortcomings as well as with a term of up to 40 years and the traditional mortgage acquisition of housing, where thanks to its variable interest, the client will benefit from the adequacy of the interest of the mortgage to the evolution of the market during the whole life of the loan. The quotas are modified periodically, upwards or downwards, in the same sense as the interest rate of the loan.

And finally the Mortgage other purposes, a loan with mortgage guarantee for those situations in which a personal loan does not cover your financing needs and with a term of up to 15 years.