Lithium Ion Deep Cycle Batteries

deep cycle battery lithium ion

Deep cycle battery lithium ion batteries are lightweight, compact, maintenance-free with excellent usable capacity, fast recharge rate and constant voltage. These are often found in electric wheelchairs and scooters. They also have a battery maintenance system (BMS) that monitors the state of charge and keeps the batteries safe to use.

Deep Cycle Batteries are used in a wide variety of applications including marine, leisure (including RV), mobility scooters and all types of electric vehicles. They are also commonly found in solar energy banks and backup power systems because they offer a high usable capacity, long cycle life, and constant voltage over any rate of discharge.

Exploring the Advantages of Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Batteries for Your Solar Power System

There are many different battery types and their cyclic performance is a big factor when choosing the right one for your application. Some of the most common include lithium ion, lead acid, AGM and gel deep cycle batteries.

A deep cycle battery is designed to be charged and discharged repeatedly, delivering a continuous and steady deep discharge of 80%90%DoD. This is different from a starter battery, which provides a short burst of energy before handing off power production to the alternator.

In a deep cycle battery, the plates are thicker than those in a starter battery because it requires a more dense material to hold up to repeated deep discharges. If the plates were thin like in a starter battery, they would degrade very quickly and wouldn’t be able to take multiple deep cycles over time.