How to Use a Hybrid Vape

Using a hybrid vape allows users to enjoy the benefits of both a balloon and direct-to-lung experience. When looking for a hybrid cartridge, there are many options available to choose from depending on the desired cannabis experience. These cartridges vary in strength based on specific strains and concentrations of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Generally, new users are advised to start low and gradually increase their dosage until they find the right level of cannabis for them.

Smooth Indulgence: Exploring the World of Indica Vape for Relaxation

The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer has the unique ability to operate as both a balloon and a direct-to-lung device. This is useful for individuals who prefer to use their device in a mouth-to-lung fashion, but also want the option of consuming concentrates on occasion. To load the hybrid vaporizer with concentrates, remove the screen from the filling chamber and insert the included Drip Pad. Then add a few drops of your chosen oil, wax, or concentrate to the bottom of the Drip Pad. The Hybrid’s dual heating, utilizing both convection and conduction, is used to efficiently heat the vapor.

Most hybrid strains tend to lean a little toward either Sativa or Indica, but the effects will depend on the individual. In general, hybrid strains are known for producing a balanced high. They aren’t as energizing or cerebral as Sativa, but they won’t put you to sleep like an Indica. However, it’s important to remember that all bodies react differently to different cannabis strains and it will take some experimentation to figure out which type of cannabis is the best fit for you.