How to Choose the Best Knitted Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is a specialized sleep accessory that can help you relax and fall asleep faster. Designed to feel like a comforting hug, these blankets are usually around 10 to 25 pounds and can help reduce anxiety and promote better sleep.

Knitted Weighted Blanket made of organic cotton

There are several things to consider when picking out a weighted blanket. The heaviness of the blanket, its materials, and its distribution of weight are all important factors to consider. This link :

Ideally, the blanket would be made of a material that distributes the weight evenly across your body so that it feels more like a hug than a heavy weight. It should also be cool enough to prevent overheating, which can disrupt your sleep cycle and leave you sweaty, awake, and frustrated by the time you wake up.

For instance, the Luna weighted blanket is made with microfiber filling and a quilted design that helps the beads stay evenly distributed throughout the blanket. It also doesn’t shift as you move during sleep, which is an annoying problem with other weighted blankets.

Bearaby weighs its blankets using layer upon layer of organic fabric, so you can expect to feel the benefits of deep touch pressure stimulation. We use a combination of organic cotton, plant-based Tencel, and sustainable velvet to help you experience the calming effects of pressure, all while reducing stress, improving sleep, and promoting a more restful mind.

This blanket is available in three sizes — medium, large, and extra large — each containing a different weight (around 15 pounds, 18 pounds, and 30 pounds). It’s also fully machine-washable.