Different Types of Playground Surfacing Surrey

playground surfacing surrey

The right playground surfacing surrey is essential to keep children safe. Injuries can range from minor to fatal, and the right surface will help to reduce the impact and prevent it from becoming more severe.

The most common type of surfacing is wet pour, with the biggest range of colours and graphics. Other popular surfacing options include artificial grass, rubber mulch and tarmac. These are not as customisable but still offer a high level of safety. They are all able to meet the required Critical Fall Height (CFH) for play, and most can be installed with line-markings, perfect for schools or kindergartens.

Choosing the Right Playground Surfacing for Hertfordshire’s Children: A Guide

These surfaces are all impact absorbing and provide a high level of safety for young children. They also require minimal maintenance, with regular sweeping and patching of rough spots. These types of surfacing are often chosen by schools and councils.

When choosing a surface, it is important to consider the quality of raw material and its durability. This is because a cheap or poorly made product will not last long, and may require repairs and replacements more frequently than a quality product. Drainage is another crucial factor, as frozen moisture can cause a surfacing material to become stiff and reduce its ability to absorb impact.

If you are interested in learning more about the different playground surfacing surrey available, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Playworld. We will be happy to evaluate your space and use requirements, and make a recommendation that suits your needs.