Choosing the Right Home Extension Team

Home extensions are a great way to create bespoke spaces that suit your lifestyle while adding value to your property. They are generally less disruptive than moving and can be designed to improve functionality, increase space, and improve the aesthetic of your home. Choosing the right design team is crucial to ensure your extension project runs smoothly and you get the best possible result. There are two options for getting your home extension team built; using an architect or a top design and build company. We’ve outlined the pros and cons of each option to help you decide who’s right for your home extension.

Do I need an architect for house extension?

A design and build company is a company that provides a full service in designing and building your home extension. They are generally one point of contact and manage all the builders on site to deliver your extension. Typically, they will have a project manager who will work with you to plan your extension and provide an upfront quote. This approach has many benefits including better communication, quality control, and cost efficiency – as all services are provided under one roof. They can also deliver projects more quickly and are less likely to have over-runs. You’ll find that a design and build company is typically more affordable than using an architect for your extension.