Carpet Cleaning Tips For Rugs

Having carpet cleaner rochester ny in your home is important for your family’s health. Dirty carpets harbor germs, allergens and other toxins that can affect your indoor air quality, especially for those with allergies. Professional cleaning services have the tools and knowledge to remove these contaminants, resulting in healthier indoor environments for your family.

Is there a market for carpet cleaning?

Many of the same techniques used by carpet cleaners are also effective on rugs. The main difference between rugs and carpeting is that rug cleaning involves a much more intricate process that requires special equipment and expertise to avoid damage. Look for a rug cleaning service that has experience cleaning all types of rugs, including antique and hand-woven.

A reputable Rochester rug cleaning company should use the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) method to remove dirt and debris from your carpeting. This unique cleaning system uses a truck-mounted spray system to wash/rinse the carpet and then a powerful vacuum system to extract the dirty water, leaving your carpeting dry to the touch. This is the recommended method by the major carpet manufacturers, such as Mohawk, Shaw and Milliken.

If you have furniture made from leather, a good Rochester upholstery cleaning service will be able to clean your furniture with special care. This is because some fabrics, like leather, can’t be washed and need special cleaning methods to preserve their integrity. Look for a Rochester upholstery cleaner that can take a closer look at your furniture to ensure they are using the right type of cleaning.