The Best Hookah Accessories

The best hookah accessories make your smoking experience more enjoyable, whether you’re a newbie or an experienced smoker. For example, a mouthpiece is an essential accessory that improves the comfort and aesthetics of your shisha session. The mouthpiece can be made from a variety of materials and comes in disposable or reusable forms. Some are also attached to a lanyard for easy portability.

What to eat while smoking hookah?

Another key accessory is the hookah vase or base, which holds your shisha stem and filters out the smoke through water. Depending on the shape of your base, it can either enhance or diminish your hookah’s look. A popular option this year is the Hookahjohn Decanter 1 base that’s designed to elevate the looks of your hookah. Find out :

A funnel bowl, which is a common type of hookah bowl, distributes the heat from your coals evenly and improves the flavor quality of your tobacco. These bowls are available in a range of materials, including clay, ceramic, and silicone. They’re also much easier to clean than traditional metal bowls.

Other useful hookah accessories include a charcoal carrier that prevents you from accidentally burning the flooring in your home or damaging your burner while transferring the coals. The Steamulation carbon molassase catcher is another unique addition to the modern hookah which serves two functions – it adds an interesting visual feature and helps to keep your shisha cleaner by catching the molasses that usually falls into the water.

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