Subdivision of Property

land subdivision

Land subdivision is the legal process of legally dividing unincorporated land into more manageable pieces, usually through a plat, and usually through an election. In the United States, where property boundaries are not clearly defined, a subdivision is considered an extension of the original land mass. The former single piece, now known as a subdivision, is then referred to in the United States as an unincorporated tract. A county in Texas, for example, has its own statutes and laws governing how to perform land subdivision to allow new subdivisions.

What is a Subdivision?

Subdivision also includes in it the preparation of maps that will provide information to voters at election time about how they will allocate funds for roads, streets, utilities, and other needs associated with the subdivision. Subdivision is the section of land that are prepared by the platting agent, and the counties in Texas who use this agent must appoint a platting judge who is responsible for the binding of all legal actions related to the subdivision and other matters pertaining to plats. Preparation of the preliminary plats is done by the attorney who represents the homeowner after the homeowners have provided him with the necessary information needed to prepare the plats. The attorney prepares the preliminary plat by drawing up a map using the most accurate mathematical calculations possible. Subdivisions can be filed with the appropriate county in Texas, and in most instances a plan must be filed with the city of Austin in order to gain title to the property.

It is necessary for every individual or business planning on establishing a new town or city to obtain necessary permits from the local governing authorities to place their name on the land. There are many different types of land subdivision, including: chain towns, strip malls, planned subdivisions and developmental plats. Planning for the proper subdivision of land must be performed with the help of an attorney experienced in land law. No matter what type of land subdivision is being planned, there are certain basic land plats that must be used for the purpose.

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massage new farm


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